Malaysia Airlines MH370 apakah usaha mencari akan dihentikan hujung tahun ini juga?

MAS says once an official loss is recorded, full compensation to the next of kin is be worked out.

WELLINGTON: The Australian and Malaysian governments are working together to set a date to officially declare the loss of MH370 which is likely to be by the end of the year.

Malaysia Airlines commercial director Hugh Dunleavy said they had not set a final date but once an official loss had been recorded full compensation to the next of kin would be worked out.

Dunleavy urged relatives of those lost aboard MH370 to be patient as MAS was working to pay compensation and battling to rebuild its reputation.

He told The New Zealand Herald today that the airlines was waiting for the aircraft to be officially declared lost after going missing in March with 239 people on board.

The Beijing-bound Boeing 777 aircraft is thought to have flown into the Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia.

Dunleavy has been in New Zealand for the past four days and is the highest ranking official here to comment on the disaster.

He said the Montreal Convention had set the ceiling on compensation at around US$175,000 although passengers could take legal action to pursue higher payments.

“We will ensure we do compensate them for the loss of their loved ones through our insurers,” he added.

Dunleavy said the airline had learned lessons from its handling of the disaster.

“We’re always learning from situations but the motivation and drive has been to look after the next of kin,” he said.

“We are trying to hurry compensation as much as we can but some of these things are outside the scope of the airline.

“If they’re not happy with the compensation then they can seek legal advice and move ahead,” he said.

He added that paying out relatives of those killed aboard MH17 over the Ukraine was more straightforward.

“We know exactly what happened with that aircraft and we can move ahead with the full compensation of family members aboard that aircraft,”

Dunleavy said at the end of his visit which included meetings with travel agents and tourism bodies.

He said in the case MH370 they did not know what happened until the aircraft wreckage was located.

“All of the crew on MH370 have been investigated by the various security agencies and as far as I’m aware nothing has turned up that is untoward.

“We do not believe it is anything to do with how we process or recruit staff. In fact those on board the aircraft had been with us for many years.

“We believe there was nothing related to the crew but we will not know 100% until we have access to the black box,” he added. – NZ Herald


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