Berita MH17 terhempas di Ukraine – DONETSK: Ketua pemberontak, Alexander Borodai tampil dalam satu sidang media mengesahkan sudah menghubungi 12 pakar dari Malaysia.

Kesemua mereka akan ke Donetsk untuk pengurusan mayat mangsa nahas MH17.

Borodai dalam sidang media ini menghuraikan beberapa perkara berbangkit.

Pertama, mengenai pengurusan mangsa nahas serta akses ke lokasi kejadian.

Selain itu, ketua puak pemisah pro Rusia ini mengesahkan mayat-mayat yang berjaya dikumpul tidak akan di bawa ke Kiev.

Borodai turut mengulas mengenai kotak hitam MH17.

Beliau mengesahkan kotak hitam berada dalam simpanan kumpulannya dan hanya akan menyerahkannya kepada Pertubuhan Penerbangan Awam Antarabangsa, ICAO.

Sementara pihak kerajaan Russia mahu Ukraine jawab 10 soalan mengenai tragedi ini dalam episod tuduh menuduh sesama mereka lapor RT News. [punca MH17 terhempas]. Klik Link Baca


Laporan NBCNews

NETSK, Ukraine – Pro-Russia rebels removed some of the bodies of passengers aboard the downed Malaysia Airlines jet from the crash site to be “humane,” the separatists’ leader told NBC News.

Alexander Borodai, prime minister of the self-declared People’s Republic of Donetsk, said that passengers had been “lying out in the heat.” However, his forces kept international monitors away from wreckage for a fourth day on Sunday.
The rebels also forced emergency workers at gunpoint to hand over 196 bodies recovered from the crash site and then had them loaded onto refrigerated train cars, Ukrainian officials and monitors told The Associated Press on Sunday.

Alexander Pilyushny, an emergency worker combing the crash site for body parts, said the he and other workers had no choice but to hand the bodies over to the rebels. “They are armed and we are not,” Pilyushny said. “The militiamen came, put the bodies onto the trucks and took them away.” It was not clear where the train could go.

Image: Train carrying MH17 victims MAXIM ZMEYEV / REUTERS
Employees and local residents say this train in Torez, Ukraine, contains the bodies of passengers of the crashed Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.
But Borodai insisted his forces were acting compassionately.

“We have already refused to wait for the [international] experts and had to start clearing the bodies from the scene of the event, because waiting longer was contradictory to what it means to be humane,” Borodai added. “We are taking all the bodies to refrigerators at the moment which are nearby to the place of tragedy. We hope that finally the necessary experts will arrive there and join our experts and will start the work of identifying the bodies.”

Borodai, who is among the rebel leaders who had travel bans and asset freezes imposed by the European Union earlier this month, added that the militants who control access to the scene were “ready to hand over the bodies of the victims to Russia, since it is no more than 10 kilometers [six miles] to the border with Russia, and … because we believe Russia and believe the Russian authorities.”

But he insisted that pro-Moscow forces would not keep the humans remains from being returned to Western officials, adding “we are ready to hand over the bodies to those institutions that are on the side of our enemy.”

When asked by NBC News whether he was in contact with Russian authorities, Borodai replied: “Officially, no.” Unofficially? “No comment,” he said.

Borodai also told reporters that his forces had not found the Boeing 777’s black box flight recorders. He maintains that his forces didn’t have the military capability to shoot as high as the Malaysia Airlines jet was flying and blames the Ukrainian military for downing it.

NBC News


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