The Kedah International Photography Awards or KIPA has been created to allow photographers both professional and amateur to “Capture the character and beauty that is Kedah” and to showcase to the world their skill and ability To assist photographers KIPA has developed several “Photo Trails” from the mountains, lakes and rivers, marine parks, ancient ruins, historical sites, beaches, her diverse people and their cultures to the iconic rice fields or just to guide photographers to discover something new.

The organisers are hoping that travellers also take the time to visit the “Rest of Kedah” after enjoying the beaches of Langkawi, that is why we say Kedah is an experience not a destination. “There are some amazing destinations in Kedah for photographers and we noticed that the Kedah state government is making efforts to bring tourist to mainland Kedah, but when a google search can only find limited photos or in some cases cannot find any photos of some destinations” Stated the Organising Chariman, Nordin Abdullah.

“The development of the KIPA photo trails and getting photographers to use the #experiencekedah is first step is to have photos available and searchable so that potential visitors can get a good idea of what the rest of Kedah has to offer” Added Nordin In two weeks of opening the smart phone category the #experiencekedah became a trending topic and was listed on the 20th of August on the Astro Awani program KiniTrending as the No. 2 trending topic of the day.

The photographic period is between now and the 31st of December, winners can expect some Amazing Prizes including cash, 3days 2nights stays in one of the top 12 resorts and hotels in Langkawi and also from the rest of Kedah. The photo exhibition will take place in Kedah from the 15th of January, which coincides with the celebration of the Sultan of Kedah’s Birthday till the 15th of February and in Kuala Lumpur on the 15th of March.

KIPA can be found in the social media in the follow places: Facebook under the page KIPAwards on instagram under the hashtag #experiencekedah, on Tweeter @experiencekedah or visit the KIPA website  for updates on prizes and photo trail locations KIPA has the support of the Kedah State Government and the Malaysian Press Photographers Association (MPPA), WAY and several private sector stakeholders from Kedah which is aimed to promote the state for the Kedah International Photography Awards or KIPA 2013.

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