by Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. Malaysia is now recognised as a great investor to restore the economy and infrastructure of developed countries. Najib is to be congratulated for this distinction.

2. Najib has offered Trump more than USD 10 billion (RM43 billion) to purchase 58 Boeing aircrafts.

3. Also Malaysia will be investing more than 3 billion dollars (RM12.9 billion) of KWSP money in “infrastructure redevelopment” in the United States, on top of some seven billion (RM30 billion) already invested in equity.

4. There are also other offers to help maintain Trump’s United States of America as a developed country.

5. The workers of Malaysia will no doubt support Najib’s use of their pension money to enrich further the already rich United States. I am sure they don’t mind losing their money in this generous gesture.

6. The Government of course has the right to take this money as it pleases. We wonder whether this money is a loan to the Government. Workers may want to know the terms of the loan. Government’s management of 1MDB does not convince people that it is skilled at managing money. If it fails to make profits how will it repay the loan to the workers of Malaysia.

7. At the moment, the Government does not seem to have money. Malaysia Airlines is also not the most profitable airline company in the world. The question is, will we be seeing the US 10 billion (RM30 billion) again or will it disappear like 1MDB money.

8. The visit by Malaysia’s Prime Minister to Washington to offer help to Malaysia’s richest friend will go down in history as the best example of how the poor can help the rich.

9. I congratulate once again Mr Cash is King’s success in bribing the President of the greatest anti-corruption country in the world.

10. There is always the right price for whatever. –

*Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad former Malaysia’s Prime Minister. | CNN Indonesia Youtube Pic

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