by Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad | THUGGERY – 22 Aug, 2017

1. We seem to have entered into a new phase in the effort of Najib’s supporters to ensure there would be no opposition to his continued premiership of this nation.

2. During the “Nothing to Hide 2.0” forum a group of young people stopped the forum by acts of violence. Immediately UMNO leaders who were not present claimed that the thugs were members of ARMADA, the organisers of the forum.

3. If they were, why should they riot when it was clear that the forum was not going in Najib’s favour. They rioted when their questions did not elicit answers in his favour either. Clearly they rioted to stop the forum, to protect Najib.

4. Since they were obviously pro-Najib and were trying unsuccessfully to embarrass me, they just cannot be from the party I lead i.e. Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, and its youth wing, the Armada.

5. UMNO leaders may deny these hooligans are from UMNO, but the fact remains that they are supporters of Najib, who is the President of UMNO.

6. The police is of course free to question the organisers. But the IGP should not use threatening language against them – language that imply the organisers are guilty of not complying with police conditions. If the police have suspicions that the organisers are involved in wrongdoings, they can be called in for questioning.

7. The police must hear their side of the story. The riots were fully captured on video. The rioters’ faces will help to identify who the rioters were and what they did.

8. It looks like more thuggery is in store for Malaysians. We now get a report that Hindraf leader Waythamoorthy, has been assaulted and threatened by a knife wielding thug for not supporting the Government.

9. This is Najib’s Malaysia. People are no longer safe and secure. I am now a threat to the nation. So look back over three decades and resurrect the crimes that can be blamed on me. If this fails to achieve the objective to demonise me, then we will be seeing more violence. –

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