When I joined politics, I did not expect to be a victim – Nurul slams sex video conspirators

Malaysia’s fastest-rising woman politician Nurul Izzah slammed her political enemies for bring out the “sex” weapon against her as the country hurtled towards the 13th general election.

“Not just against women, it is not a good thing to do against anyone. I think what Saifuddin mentioned yesterday is very clear. So there is nothing more that needs to be said except that we deplore and we reject such gutter politicking,” Nurul told a press conference on Wednesday.
“And Malaysians I am sure will not be taken in and reject such politics.This is shocking and I guess when I joined politics, I did not expect to be a victim but certainly we do what we can. We remain in the fight because we remain on the side of the truth.”

nurul izzah
The eldest daughter of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, the 33-year-old Nurul is no stranger to political backstabbing and conspiracies aimed to smear her father and now her through controversial accusations.
Nurul, whom many believe has a good chance to make it as the country’s first female prime minister, is as spunky as they get but even so in conservative and predominantly-Muslim Malaysia, it is as she has said “shocking” to be dragged into a sex scandal.


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