Sometimes one bad deed is all it takes to wipe out all the good ones. And when there are than one bad deed, it can be the end of the road for anyone unless he or she makes all the necessary amendments and do a U-turn. In other words, pull away from the brink and repent or there will be no turning back!

If that person is able to do that, it will show his strength and courage. There are countless movies based on this type of storyline and in real life too. From hero to zero and back to hero.

[quote]In the case of the infamous Umno blogger, PapaGomo or Wan Muhammad Azri bin Wan Deris, it is sad that even Tun Faizal, the chairman of Umno’s Unit Media Baru (or Umno sponsored bloggers), has decided to distance the party from him.[/quote]

PapaGomo’s personal life has been dragged into the limelight including his ex-wife Bellina Chin and their two children who need our sympathy for their present predicament due to his wild blogging antics. Wan Azri was once an ordinary man, a loving husband and responsible father.

“Previously PapaGomo was not egoistic and big headed like nowadays. There is a story saying that he was an ex-policeman who faced disciplinary action,” Tun Faizal wrote in his article.

“I have been informed that PapaGomo had a formal education until the secondary level and has to earn a living selling fake products at Uptown.”

Anything goes

It has since been revealed that PapaGomo is actually an ex-traffic police corporal who was found guilty of corruption based on the MACC website.

Not only has Tun Faizal found PapaGomo guilty of having over-done things, affecting UMNO negatively, he claims PapaGomo has been instigating bad blood if not feuds amongst the other UMNO bloggers. But it is the article in PapaGomo’s blog accusing Tun Faizal as ‘prostituting the bloggers for his own benefit and that is why one blogger after another is leaving the UMB’ which was the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Is PapaGomo angry because of a lack of appreciation from the UMB on his ‘fame’, contributions to the media and of course not enough money? PapaGomo has claimed he started blogging as a result of Umno’s weak 2008 results but so far, his work has not been recognized by UMB or the top UMNO leaders. So it’s like, if “I do not get the due recognition and money, why should I bother to really promote UMNO for free now?”

Therefore PapaGomo will write and publish anything; anything at all if the price is right and he does not care who will be affected, whether UMNO or the Opposition and no one is spared. Not even his own wife and children.

In fact he has published so many lies, slander, false news and what-not, he is already being sued by PAS’ Husam Musa and is facing legal action from Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. Even Ustaz Fathul Bari the head of UMNO’s Young Ulamas (clerics) has criticized PapaGomo for writing blatant lies. PapaGomo was proven wrong by the police when he accused Anwar of sodomizing a university student.

Top Umno leader behind him?

However the personal revenge motive doesn’t fully explain it all either.

For example, why is PapaGomo adamant in continuing to publish false accusations and yet is still immune from any legal action from even the UMNO leaders! Yes, some of the influential UMNO leaders are themselves affected by PapaGomo’s les. Even Tun Faizal had to defend himself against PapaGomo’s accusations.

There can only be two reasons; firstly PapaGomo could be sponsored by a really top UMNO leader with considerable power who pays him a lot and secondly, PapaGomo is an outcast, whose words, articles and exposés are utter rubbish and he is only doing it out of personal hate.

Whichever the reason, PapaGomo has lost his credibility so much so that even if he ever tells some truth, it will be rubbished.

Perhaps, PapaGomo feels he has to publish more dirty rubbish to make sure that the readers will continue visiting his site which otherwise will become mundane. What PapaGomo fails to realize is that what he is doing now is to dig another hole to cover an existing hole. Surely, this is an impossible task! Even if he still has followers and supporters, they will be of the same creed as him!

Hopefully he will regret and repent soon enough, re-unite with his ex-wife and children and realize that what he has done is actually “prostituting” himself  to earn a living.

So will PapaGomo get a fairy tale ending? Will he be one of those “From zero to hero and back to hero” types? For his sake and his family’s, let’s all hope so.

Malaysia Chronicle

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